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All-Terrain Vehicle Jungle Tour


 ALL NEW  -- Exclusive ATV tours

Come tour jungle & farmlands on our brand new automatic ATVs!!!

This tour begins from your pick up location in Belize City with a detailed north Belize City and countryside tour as we head towards our ATV tour destination. Our trails run through pristine tropical broadleaf rainforest adjacent to ancient Maya site Altun Ha. These rainforests are home to multitudes of tropical wildlife such as Blue Morpho butterflies, coati mundi and many birds. 

We also traverse through farmlands full of a wide variety of tropical fruit trees - stopping to snack right from the tree depending on what is in season. Indeed, this tour is an educational and adventurous experience.

Other ATV tours last 30-45 minutes, but we give you one hour to an hour and a half of exciting, winding trails that cross both rugged and flat terrain.  

Each vehicle can seat two. This tour is suitable for those experienced with ATVs or beginners who are comfortable with driving. Our trails and guides endeavor to accommodate a range of abilities.

Our site is located only 22 miles from Belize City. This adventure is an easy excursion from many points in Northern Belize. 





















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