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The Belize Zoo was founded in 1983 by animal enthusiast Sharon Matola after the documentary The Path of the Rain Gods was filmed locally. Many of the animals involved in the filming of the movie needed a home, and so the Belize Zoo was born as an educational and rehabilitation center for our tropical wildlife. Located 29 miles from Belize City, our zoo has been conserving and protecting Belize's Wondrous wildlife for nearly 40 years.


What will you see at the zoo? Beauty and splendor! Our zoo is home to 36 tropical animals, including birds such as the Harpy eagle, scarlet macaws, and jabiru storks. We also feature five species of wildcats (including our precious jaguars), howler and spider monkeys, coati mundi, crocodiles, and much more. Set in a lush, outdoor jungle environment, there are beautiful plants and flowers to see as well. Our zoo is an ideal location to see and photograph most exotic species of animals of Central America and a great opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of Belize. The layout of the zoo and smaller size makes for an up-close experience with the animals, and a very enjoyable outing for guests of all ages and mobility. This is a wheelchair friendly environment, and an EXCELLENT location to learn and enjoy the BEST of the Caribbean.


Come see it to Belize it!!!

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