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The Cave Tubing Experience consist of a short drive through the city offering a city tour, pointing out various land marks, schools and churches of Belize's North side. 

Upon exiting the city we drive for approximately an hour through the scenic country side heading west towards the archaeological site of Noch Chen, better known as Jaguar Paw during which time we educate and entertain our guests.  Upon arrival, guests are given the opportunity to use the rest room and change into comfortable water gear. (Note: Hard bottom water shoes, insect reppelant, cameras and sun block are highly recommended.) NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED. Thereafter, we issue life vests, helmets with head lamps and tubes to each guest.

The trip continues on gravel trails in the beautiful Maya mountains for 5 minutes until we meet and cross a shallow river where all are allowed to swim a moment to acclimatize our body temperatures.The hike through the rain forest continues for another 25 minutes. During the trek our five star cave guides educate guests on various types of medicinal plants and other important flora of our jungles. Arriving at our cave entrance, better known as Xibalba (the underworld of ancient Maya culture.) All are allowed to swim again as our guides prepare and fasten tubes together. The guests then get seated in their individual tubes and our local cave site guides tows guests to enjoy the leisure tubing experience.

Cave Tubing is an awesome adventure which should be a must for every visitor to Belize. This adventure will bring lifetime memories which will be told to your descendants if they haven't yet obtained the experience.

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